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Paya Co. is a global independent, private joint stock company, with main field of activity in procurement  and specific  knowledge  of supplying  main  and bulk equipment for oil, gas, petrochemical and energy Industries.

Our products go well beyond the required standards and focus on the special needs and the sustainable success  of our customers.  Paya Co. having several major offices in hub of trade countries in the world including  UAE, UK , Italy , Malaysia and China which is capable to manage and accomplish supply, negotiation, ordering and getting and delivery the best.

Paya co. is equipped to a local manufacturing shop for steel work, with this facility Paya Co. can minimize the cost and time for some projects, meanwhile the location of this shop ( shiraz Province) is another advantage for Paya for projects in south of Iran .

Paya Co.  is proud to establish based on the valuable experience of managers in the private sector And also utilizes a rich database and professional  Trade relations  with Asian and European countries .

The Board of PAYA CO. is committed to meeting high ethical standards and complying with all applicable local, national and international laws wherever PAYA CO. does business.
Paya Energy

ngineering,Procurement ,Project Management for Oill, Gas Petrochemical and Energy Industries.