Paya Energy

Is a global independent company established in Iran and focuses on engineering, project management and procurement services in oil, gas and power plant industries.
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Company Visions
“Being one of the best General Contractors in the Oil & Gas Industry”: being a primary procurement management company means to us the
possibility to guarantee the best performance in terms of safety during work execution, to support the sustainable earnings growth and to
guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

Company Values
Integrity, Passion, Protection of the environment is the core values that Paya people keep constantly in mind in the application of the most
advanced solutions for the energy sector.

Main Activities
Paya boasts the availability of a proven know-how and of adequate capabilities and experience to guarantee high performance in project
execution. Paya nucleus of dedicated specialists can take responsibility of any kind of projects.
Paya expertise is a combination of internal experiences and professionals coming from other companies with relevant field work experiences.

Main Goals
To expand our international reputation, via participating in international oil & gas fairs, being placed in vendor list of international firms,
commitment to settle payment in time.
To recruit proficient and committed manpower.
To interact sincerely with customers, employers and beneficiaries.
Paya Energy

ngineering,Procurement ,Project Management for Oill, Gas Petrochemical and Energy Industries.